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Newest Unit

Firefighters dedicated the new Engine 19 to the late Charlie Adams, Josh Bourgeois, Ron Bourgeois, Benton Foret and Trey Shields. A plaque bearing their names is now displayed on the new engine, which arrived to the department in June.

Fire Prevention

Members of our department spend many hours educating the youth of our community

Chief’s Report

January 20, 2023

Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department Family and Honored Guests:

Welcome to the annual meeting of the Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department for 2022. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our department as your fire chiefs for this past year. This year was a very active year for our department and our membership. Our department and membership continued to provide the same quality fire protection and service to the community that it has provided for so many years throughout its rich history. Through the hard work and dedication of our 483 members, 355 active and 128 exempt, the department completed many projects during 2022. Most of these projects were geared toward maintaining or improving the services that we provide to the community, as well as providing for the overall safety of the firemen who provide those services.

In 2022, we:

  • Replaced our entire aging portable radio fleet with new Motorola portables. The purchase was partially funded through a grant by the Lorio Foundation  
  • Put in service new Rescue Stabilization Equipment including ParaTech Jacks & Air Bag System for the Rescue Truck
  • Upgraded our Rope Rescue Equipment
  • Purchased new sets of personal protective gear for our firefighters
  • Purchased new sets of Personal Protective Gear for our Rescue Squad members
  • Put new battery powered tools including rotary saws, reciprocating saws, impacts and drills in service
  • Ordered the replacement unit for Engine 23. Class A Pumper with an 1,800 gallon water tank
  • We have started the design process for the new South Thibodaux Fire Station  
  • Performed the first required hydro testing on our air bottles
  • Tested and certified all air packs
  • Performed annual inspections on all fire extinguishers in the department and performed hydro tests as required 
  • Performed annual tests on the aerial units with all units receiving certification
  • Performed annual pump tests on all pumpers with all units receiving certification
  • Completed annual hose test on all department hose
  • Provided smoke detectors to needy families through the Smoke Detector Program
  • Saw continued growth and success of the Nicholls State Student Fire Fighter Association
  • Saw continued growth of our Probationary Firefighter program for high school students ages 16 & 17 years old
  • Began our annual week of training with our weekend Rescue School, and we spent two full days focusing on rope rescue training for the 51 attending members
  • Conducted our annual week of training (Fire School) using On Scene Training Associates. During this week, members from departments around the country come in and teach our members the latest techniques and tactics. We trained a total of 225 firefighters

The 2022 budget of the City of Thibodaux included funds allocated for supplies and equipment for the fire department. Funds were used for the following:

  • New Fire Equipment
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment
  • Fire Fighter & Rescue Training
  • Professional Services

During 2022, the Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department answered 408 total calls for service. Of these, 335 were Fire Calls and 73 were Rescue Calls, as compared to 594 total calls in 2021 which included the departments Hurricane Ida response.



In 2022, the Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department responded to 335 fire calls. There was a total of 6607 member responses to these calls for an average of 13 responders per call. The average number of responders to building fires was 30. The average response time for building fires was 3.71 minutes. The average response time for all calls was 4.18 minutes. A breakdown of the types of fire calls is as follows: 

Building Fires15
Vehicle Fires10
Electrical / Sparking Fires23
Gas Leaks3
Cooking Container9
Trash / Rubbish / Dumpster2
Smoke Scare25
Good Intent7
Unauthorized Burning16
Carbon Monoxide22

Of the above calls, 345 calls were in the City limits, 45 were in Fire District 4, and 18 were to surrounding fire departments.    


The Rescue Squad responded to 73 rescue calls in 2022. These calls were for the following reasons:

Auto Accident12
Medical Assist58
Elevator Assist3


Members of the department logged the following hours in 2022:

Incidents3,424 hours
Trainings5,287 hours
Meetings1974 hours
Fire Prevention850 hours

As you can see by the numbers above, the Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department had an extremely busy year in 2022. Our membership is the foundation of our Department and their commitment is unquestionable. That commitment makes our organization second to no other.

We must recognize and thank the following for their contributions, support, dedication and loyalty to our department during the past year:

  • The families of our members for their support, patience and understanding in allowing our members to devote the time necessary to serve our community
  • The general public and community for the support given to our department
  • Mayor Tommy Eschete and his staff, Police Chief Brian Zeringue and his staff, officers and the TPD dispatchers, Public Works Director James Lucas and his staff, Finance Director Jessica Hebert and her staff, Council Administrator Jenny Morvant and her staff, and all of the city employees along with the entire City Council for their support and assistance throughout the year
  • Sheriff Craig Webre and his staff and deputies
  • State Fire Marshall Dan Wallace for his leadership and the constant support he provides Fire Departments throughout the state
  • State Representative Bryan Fontenot for leadership and support of our department and community
  • Mr. Danny Cavell, Grand Marshal 2020 / 2021/ 2022
  • Past Grand Marshals for their continued generous support  
  • To Gaubert Oil for their continued support to our department. They are our Fair Band Stage Sponsor and the sponsor of our Fair Raffle Tickets.
  • To the Rouse family and Rouse‚Äôs Supermarkets for their continued support of our department
  • The Fire Board for their leadership and service
  • Fire Board President Ron Bourgeois, Fire Board Vice President Jimmy Ledet, Treasurer Ed Comeaux and Secretary Donald Barrilleaux for their outstanding service to the department in performing their duties as department officers
  • Captains and Lieutenants for their cooperation and devotion to your duties and for providing the leadership needed to prepare their company members to be quality firefighters
  • Squads Directors and Squad members for the outstanding services that you provide over and above your normal company obligations; these services play a vital role in the department’s mission of protecting lives and property
  • Training Director and the Training team lead by Sam Claussen for the outstanding work done making our members better and safer firefighters
  • Special thanks to Albert Fields, Gerald David and David Leblanc for the time and effort it takes to maintain department records in the computer. Record keeping is a required department function that has become more and more difficult and time consuming with the amount of data that must be retained 
  • The officers and members of surrounding fire departments for the assistance you provided us when called upon; being able to call upon our neighboring departments for assistance is vital to the overall mission of protecting lives and property

To each and every member of this department, thank you for your dedication and hard work. It is through your continued sense of pride and steadfast commitment that we are able to provide the quality services that the citizens of Thibodaux expect and deserve from us. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve as your chiefs for 2022.

Respectfully yours,

Anthony Boudreaux Todd Albert Glynn Comeaux Brian Tauzin
Fire Chief Asst. Fire Chief Asst. Fire Chief Asst. Fire Chief

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